Professional Organizer in Montreal: How to Organize Your Home

Organize Your Home

Keeping an organized home may seem like a challenge to many people. It is usually easy to bring something in, and even though you may not be using it presently or even have any need for it in the future, you will just let it occupy space for no reason. Some are due to pure laziness, while others have a great attachment to certain stuff that they will never let them go.

Having a clean and neatly organized space not only increases the aesthetic appeal of your interior but also has a way of enthusing life into your soul. For this reason, some people prefer decluttering services while others strive to keep their spaces minimalist to avoid the accumulation of clutter. Read below for great tips on how to organize your home as given by a professional organizer in Montreal.

Start by creating clear zones

Consider all the activities you normally do at home and designate certain areas for them. For example, if you choose to eat in the kitchen, then you should never bring food into the bedroom. In this way, you will avoid transferring items that will end up being clutter.

Learn the art of file folding

When it comes to towels and certain types of clothing like t-shirts, you will find yourself with a lot of organized space when you adhere to the principle of file folding. With this approach, you will find nearly everything you need at a glance, and you won’t have to worry about misplacing items because you will always know where they should be.

Always make your bed

Personal development coaches claim that making your bed is one of the first wins you get in the day and you should do it every day since it sets the tone of success for your day. Professional organizers in Montreal also agree to this and add that making your bed will make your bedroom look great, in addition to helping you avoid or reduce clutter.

Teach the One in One out Rule to your kids

One of the places that experience a lot of clutter in the home is in kids’ rooms. This is partly because the kids don’t know or understand the importance of living in an organized space. A great rule to impart into your kids’ heads when it comes to having an organized living space is the One in One Out rule. Kids will always continue to collect stuff and in no time, the clutter will be too much. However, when you teach them that whenever they have to add an item onto their shelves or in their drawers, then they need to take something out, the amount of clutter will reduce tremendously.

Learn the habit of hanging pots and pans

Pots and pans can take up considerable space in the cabinet, but this will never be the case when they are on the walls. By using hooks on the kitchen and cabinet walls, you can create safe, spacious and convenient storage for pans and pots. To get better results, start hanging the big pans and pots, before proceeding to the medium-sized one and then finishing off with the smaller ones. This will free up a lot of space in the cabinet which you can then use to store other items in the kitchen.

Invest in a cord keeper for your appliances

Appliance cords can sometimes be very messy and create unsightly looks around the house. Additionally, they may cause accidents and injuries, including starting home fires. For safety, convenience and better organization, it is highly recommended that you invest in a cord keeper to tame the cords from sprawling everywhere around the room.

Make good use of your garage ceiling

The garage ceiling is never utilized in most homes. What many people don’t realize is that the ceiling can be put into some great use to improve storage and organization not just within the garage, but also within the entire home. A simple way to use this space is to introduce sturdy racks for storing seasonal items and any other item whose need you don’t foresee soon.

Become creative with hidden spaces

Lots of hidden spaces will always be ignored simply because not many people ever look at them. Ultimately, they end up being the place where items get lost, as well as accumulating dirt and dust within the rooms. However, there are several ways you can make them look great by wrapping them in patterned contact paper or wallpaper to give them some life and make them more visible. As such, they will be difficult to ignore, and it will be easy to spot any misplaced items near them.

Create a sorting station in your home

A sorting station will help you a lot when you are dealing with laundry organization. Create one using clean bins at home to store each family members’ clothes before and after laundry. This should be where all dirty clothes are stored before laundry and picked after laundry.

Use magnets to organize your makeup

If not contained, makeup can create a lot of clutter at home. But containing them is very easy if you can use glue magnets on a magnetic board. With such, your countertop will always remain clear, and you will have easy access to all your makeup items.

With the above tips and tricks, nothing will stop you from enjoying better organization at home so that you don’t have to hire a home organizational consultant to come and help you contain the mess.