Never Underestimate the Influence of Clutter

Letting clutter pile up may not seem dangerous, but with time, the clutter in your home or office may literally suck the life out of you if you don’t take control of it. Studies have shown that there are more reasons to opt for a decluttered home, than to allow the clutter to spread and remain present, and if you have any doubts about the importance of decluttering your home, then here are some of the reasons why it will be detrimental to live in cluttered spaces.

A study found a link between procrastination and clutter problems across all age groups. Frustration with clutter tended to increase with age, and is often the result of an “over-attachment” to our personal items, which makes it difficult to part with them.

The Professional Organizers of Canada says 83% of Canadians indicate they are extremely disorganized, and 91% of Canadians feel clutter negatively affects their lives. Also, according to Planet Storage, Canadians spend 12 weeks a year on average looking for stuff they can’t find.

Clutter leads to low subjective well being

When there is too much clutter in your home, you will fail to identify with your home in the right ways, and it will take away from your productivity and your quality of life. For most people, a home should be a comfortable and pleasant environment to retreat to after the daily grind, and it should be as welcoming as possible. This aspect of friendliness is never possible with a cluttered home, and instead of seeing it as the perfect place for relaxation, you will perceive it as your enemy.

Poorer mental health

If you have a cluttered home and you can’t call for home decluttering services, then you are setting yourself up for poor mental health. A well-organized home or workplace is essential to mental hygiene, and you will derive more satisfaction from spending time in it compared to spending time in a cluttered environment.

Hampers your visual processing

You will agree that when you have a cluttered home, you will be prone to misplacing items, and you will also be spending lots of time trying to locate the things that you may have misplaced. This is never the case when you have a clean and neatly organized space, where you can see everything quickly within a single glance, and you don’t have to worry about misplacing your keys and other important items, every now and then. A professional in organizer Montreal can help you derive such organization in your living spaces.