Decluttering Services: Questions to Ask Yourself When Tidying

reducing the clutter

Decluttering your home is not just an excellent way to get rid of what you no longer need, but also to streamline your environment. It is also vital in helping you clear your mind from all the troubles that come with having filled-up spaces around you. You won’t have to spend time looking for lost items, and you won’t feel as if you are being suffocated by all the clutter occupying various spaces around your house. If you have chosen to embark on this noble endeavor, or you are contemplating hiring a decluttering service to help restore sanity in your space, here are some vital questions to ask yourself so that you get the most out of the exercise:

Do I have the intention of fixing this broken item?

Broken items contribute a lot to the clutter at home. Sometimes you are not in a hurry to fix the items so you keep postponing getting it fixed. With time, another item breaks down, and since it is easier to postpone fixing it compared to taking it to the workshop or calling technicians to get it fixed, you let it add to the clutter. Therefore, when you finally make up your mind to tidy things up, take a look at the broken items, and consider deeply if you are committed to fixing them. If you can’t answer in the affirmative, do the noble thing of getting rid of those items. Always remember that the best time to address and engage with problems is now.

Will I use this item in the future?

Another source of great clutter at home is from the items you keep holding on to, hoping that you will use them sometime in the future. The greatest culprits here are outfits and appliances. Just take a look at your closet and see how many clothes you don’t usually use, but keep them with the hopes of wearing them in the future! Conduct a realistic assessment of these items and determine if you have any genuine reasons to use them in the future. In most cases, you will not be needing them, and the solution is to simply get rid of them.

Do I have other items that can do the same job as this item?

Collect all the multiple items that serve the same purpose, put them in a room, and decide if you truly need all of them. Then go about choosing the ones you think you need the most and do away with everything else. In this manner, you will have successfully gotten rid of duplicate items which are also known to be one of the leading sources of clutter at home.

Suppose it was my first time seeing this item, would I buy it?

When you ask this question when decluttering, or before calling a professional organizer in Montreal to come to help you with decluttering your home, you will discover discrepancies between your old and new reasoning when it comes to buying items. In most cases, you will discover that you have filed your home with lots of things that you don’t actually need or which you shouldn’t have bought if you were to buy them today. This will increase your self-awareness and the next time you will want to buy something, you will query your justifications for buying them, and if you don’t find any, you are likely to simply not make the purchase. With that, you shall have succeeded in avoiding clutter, and saving the money you may have spent on the unnecessary purchase.

Am I being held back by this sentimental item?

People are known to get attached to items of sentimental values, and this is another major cause of clutter around homes. For example, you may keep love letters sent by your past sweetheart years ago, or have their clothes in your wardrobe, not throwing them away, though you obviously don’t use them. Either, these sentimental items will evoke good memories or nice feelings that make you want to hold on to them, or they might be holding you back and life would improve if you simply let them go. Different people will treat sentimental items differently, but be very clear in your mind, and check on your true objective of still wanting to hold on to them. Remember, sometimes you need to let go so that you can also move on smoothly with your life.

Am I keeping this item because of its sentimental value to me?

It is always important to hold on to certain items because of their sentimental value to you. These items evoke great memories with people, places or experiences and letting them go is like letting the memories and experience also go. However, you need to be very clear if the items you are trying to hold on to really have sentimental value to you. Sometimes you keep items that might have had sentimental value in the past, but that is no longer the case. For such, it is a good idea to simply let them go during the decluttering process. Remember, you are always allowed to photograph them if you still feel some attachment to them and are not willing to let go easily.

When was the last time I used this item?

Another important question you need to ask yourself when decluttering or when looking for a professional organizer is the last time you used that item. The rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used an item for more than one year, then there are high chances that you no longer have any use for that item. You are allowed to continue holding onto these items only if they are of sentimental value, or they are specialty items that are expensive and rare to find. Otherwise, any other item you haven’t used in the past twelve months should be shown the door.