COVID-19: Home Office Organization Ideas

Home Office Organization

Having an organized home office is having an organized life. Whether you need a home office for private use, or you want it as an extension of your regular office so that you can do some work at home, it is something you can easily achieve if you understand the basics of home organization. Below are some tips by professional organizer Montreal to help you towards your objective to create or maintain an organized home office.

As a company, you should hire a clutter consultant to help your employees stay productive and setup their home office.

Learn how to maximize space

A glance at your house is likely to reveal careless use of space. A home office doesn’t require a lot of space, and if you can have enough room for a chair and a desk, then you will be well on your way to set up your office space at home. Start by identifying the specific spot within the house where you wish to set up the office, and then see how you can make good use of the available space. Be ready to rearrange some stuff and also to remove certain items from that room.

Make good use of the spare bedroom

If you have a spare bedroom, then this is one of the best destinations for a home office. Get a decent-sized table and office chair to that room, and position it such that the back of the chair is towards the window. You can then use a lamp, simple looking plants, or a vase filled with flowers to make it feel like a real office.

Get creative with a hallway station

Hallways can also make wonderful home offices if you get the right table and chair, and with a few basics in terms of decorating and organizing the space. This is ideal for small room organization. All you need is some simple space where you can do occasional minimal office work.

Rethink your closet space

One of the best home office organization ideas revolves around your closet space. This is one of the most misused spaces at home, and usually a great source of clutter. But when you become creative with your closet, you can make a very nice office out of it. A simple way for incredible transformation would be to do away with the closet doors and replace them with a curtain. Add a few shelves, and introduce some wall art.

Put spare corners to use

Spare corners can also be good destinations for home offices. Most of these spaces are usually used as spare storage within living spaces. Check around to see if you have a corner that you aren’t currently using. Remove anything occupying it, and rearrange everything so you have enough space for at least a table and a chair.

An office in the attic

The worst use for your attic would be to use it for storage. This is by far one of the best places you can use to create a private workspace within the house. It is an out-of-the-way area, and you will not only have your privacy, but also total control of the organization so that you don’t have any clutter.

Keep your computer organized

Organize the emails in your Inbox and file them so that you can retrieve them easily when you need them. You can create your own "rules" for Gmail and Outlook, and establish criteria for your e-mails as they come in.

Organize your files on your desktop or cloud solution so wherever the documents are stored you can keep them up-to-date. Use one place for all documents on your desktop or in a file-sharing environment, to make it easier to find things, and to run backups and archives. Create folders in a logical hierarchy and use descriptive file names for easy identification. Create other folders within these main folders to have every file in a folder, rather than having a bunch of orphan files listed.

Finally, you can block social media sites on all your devices so you can get your work done. Many online applications offer this service on Mac or Windows.