10 Tips on How to Declutter Each Room in the New Year

new year decluttering

Christmas is always a time to gather family and friends to make merry after a year of hard work. It is a time characterized by a lot of partying, eating, decorating homes, and giving along with receiving gifts. But when the sounds of jingle bells fade in January, it is time for normalcy to return after taking care of the last aspect of the festivities - cleaning the clutter.

Since the festive period generates more clutter than any other time of the year, clearing it out around the New Year will help you start the year on the right foot. Though it is challenging, it is completely doable and you don’t necessarily have to call for decluttering services in Montreal to help you. Here are a few tips to help you declutter every room in the New Year.

The Living Room

The living room is likely to experience an abundance of clutter because it is a major focal point during the celebrations. It is likely to have lots of Christmas decorations by the New Year, as well as some of the boxes that were used to deliver some of the gifts. The first step towards decluttering the living room is to get rid of the decorations so that you can free up the walls, ceilings and any other table tops that might have been used in setting up the decorations.

Secondly, all of the children’s toys and gift boxes that might still be present in the living room also need to be removed. If the toys don’t fit in the children’s rooms, then a good idea is to have a box or a basket for them in the corner of the living room. This is important in avoiding the kinds of mess normally created by toys in the living room.

While still in the living room, it is also important to declutter the entryway. This is the best location to place a drop station for items you use daily such as car keys, house keys, wallets or purses. It is also a great place for a basket or rack for your guests to leave their shoes before stepping into the house.

The Kitchen and Pantry

The kitchen and pantry take a serious beating at the beginning of the year. Just like the living room, they experience a lot of focus during this time because this is where all the cooking and washing takes place. The decluttering process should start with a thorough cleaning to get rid of the extra dirt that was generated during the festive period. Once the cleaning is done, you may consider doing any of the following:

Get rid of broken utensils – it is likely that you will have a few broken utensils or damaged crockery after the festivities. Most people will simply dump these utensils in unused cabinets within the kitchen, where they may be forgotten for a very long time. The best way to deal with such is to simply get rid of them through proper disposal.

Choose what to do with old/torn towels – no pleasure comes from using torn or worn out dish towels. You can choose to toss them and then get new ones or you can turn them into rags for use around the kitchen area.

Toss freebie cups – since it was the festive season, it won’t be a surprise to end up with lots of freebie cups and Tupperware containers without lids which you may no longer have any use for. These cause clutter within the cupboards and cabinets for no reasons, and are ideal to get rid of through proper disposal.

Get rid of expired foods and spices – again, you may still have lots of food come the New Year. Check out what you can still use then get rid of all the other expired food items and spices. Keeping them around will degrade the kitchen’s hygiene conditions and you may welcome unwanted guests such as rodents and cockroaches to your home.

Take an inventory of your cookware and dishes – take an inventory of your cookware and dishes so that you know what you have and what you don’t.

The Bedroom and the Bathroom

The bedroom may not experience a lot of clutter during the festive season, but since this is a period for everyone to be a little more relaxed, you may likely lose focus and things may get a little messy in the bedroom.

You should start by sorting your clothing before storing them according to seasons. For example, sort and keep your winter, summer and fall clothes together. It may take some time, but this will save you a lot of time as the year progresses.

While sorting your clothes according to the seasons, this is also the time to try them out and see which items no longer fit. Most people tend to hold on to clothes that don’t fit them anymore, and this occupies unnecessary space in the closest and bedrooms.

Next is the bathrooms. Check the medicine cabinets, counters and drawers and toss all the empty bottles, expired drugs and cosmetics, and be sure to clean all the drawers and shelves before properly arranging the remaining items back.

The above should get you going as far as decluttering your house in the New Year is concerned. But if you are pressed for time, you can simply call for professional decluttering services in Montreal to get the job done.