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As the name might suggest I am the founding professional organizer in Montreal of SimpliLéa (simplē-leah). As the lead Clutter consultant I am passionate about optimizing and organizing small & big spaces,  irrespective of its amount of clutter.



Graduate of both the National Theater School of Canada and Concordia in Theatre design and production I have an extensive knowledge on how to maintain clothing, items and space. My years of experience as a Designer, Assistant and in Ateliers have clearly shown time and time again that environment and community is key to work flow and happiness. learobertsondesign.com



I strongly believe space should be left open; having too much stuff is isolating and stressful. The space you sell, work or live in should be like a stage, only what you need on Set, and a few extra essentials off stage in the wings. Never any “just in case” or “One day it might be useful”. It’s always better to have curated quality over quantity.



I happily juggle life with two cats (Derp and Sunshine), a minimal and cozy home, a sewing studio, Dyslexia, geeky friends, a love of dressing up, a classy lifestyle and unwavering optimism (real juggling not included).



After years of working with individuals, I have come to realize the importance of organization for mental health, happiness and a happy wallet. I have created SimpliLea to share this realization and bring people to a place where they feel happy and in control of their lives. So many of us feel lonely, stressed, disorganized, overwhelmed etc. However, with the SIMPLE act of decluttering   you can get closer to finding the optimal YOU.


Simplilea’s goal?

I provide professional organizational services for all types of spaces. Whether you are in need of small apartment organization sell faster, small business optimization or you are looking for home decluttering tips and services, we are the people you should talk to.

Benefit from:

Proper organization –The places where we spend most of our lives – either at home or at the workplace, should be working for us, complementing our efforts and facilitating our day-to-day activities.


Reduce Stress – Removing clutter in life is a vital step to improving ones productivity, well-being, and knowing exactly what you own.


Maintenance and upkeep – We will help you achieve the best organization for your spaces, and will also you keep everything organized with our included check-in so that you don’t find yourself with a cluttered space again.


You are not alone - If you loved our included check-in, we offer more at a reduced cost! We’ll help you stay on track for as long as you need.


One size fits no one - Organizational requirements vary from one space to another, and as such, our organization or decluttering services are tailored to meet your very specific needs.


The perfect addition - You can consider us as an optional service to house cleaning or home staging but ideally we work along with these services to give you better value and not just “hide everything in the closet”.

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